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Wearable styles, designed to be taken on every adventure. Wear these timeless classics with your suit & tie, or for a night out with the boys. Celebrate today with a unique piece from our exclusive collection.


Feather Cuff Medium, Curtis Pete, $320 - $615

Feather Cuff Small, Curtis Pete, $189

Feather Cuff Large, Curtis Pete, $895

Ingot ID Cuff, Jesse Robbins, $750

Double Arrow Cuff, Jock Favour, $425

1920'S Stamped Ingot Cuff, Vintage, $1200



Vintage Revival Cuff, Buffalo, $525

Cheyenne Cuff, Jesse Robbins, $3200

Inlay Ring, Aldrich Art, $560

ID Cuff, Jesse Robbins, $670

Warrior Cuff, Jock Favour, $620

Stamped Ingot Cuff W/ Fox Turquoise, Jock Favour, $1125

1940'S Concho Stamp Cuff, Vintage, $495



Silver & Turquoise Ring, Dillon Hartman, $275

Square Stones Ring, Dillon Hartman, $225

Storyteller Ring, Edwin Aragon, $245

Contemporary Ring W/ Turquoise, Harrison Jim, $495


Heavy Stamp Ring, Lyle Secatero, $225

Contemporary Navajo Stacker Cuff, Karl Kee Naatani, $235

Contemporary Striped Navajo Cuff, Karl Kee Naatani, $410

Contemporary Navajo Cuff, Karl Kee Naatani, $480



Mini Squash Blossom on Chain, Dennis Hogan, $450

Turquoise Dog Tag, Aldrich Art, $400

Mini Naja on Chain, Dennis Hogan, $395