For Jesse, silversmiths are a part of the incredible history in the Southwest. To him, it is a lineage which has inspired beauty for people all over the world. Jesse has a true passion for this art and works to honor those traditions through his methods and choice of natural stones. He builds his work to be experienced, drawing inspiration from traveling and working throughout the very landscapes which nurture his art form.

Jesse was born and raised in Prescott, Arizona and has been traveling and experiencing the American Southwest ever since. He was introduced to Native American jewelry through his mother at an early age. Through these unique surroundings, the seed was planted for future work to come. Early on, much of Jesse’s time with art was spent playing in the mud as he learned to create his first fine art through ceramics. In college Jesse found a new love in archaeology. Which he studied at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Archaeology would take Jesse to every corner of the Southwest, eventually leading him back home to Prescott.

While in Prescott a chance meeting with Randy “Bubba” Shackelford, a local silversmith, would forever change Jesse’s path. Under Bubba’s tutelage working at Falcon Trading Company, Jesse was immersed in the traditional techniques of tufa cast and hand wrought silver work.

Today, Jesse continues to work as an archaeologist traveling the west with his eyes and heart. These forces always pull him back to the white metal and blue stones he has come to love. In his time off, Jesse follows his passion of manipulating silver and cutting stones. When possible he finds his way back to Prescott, where he and Bubba continue to collaborate together.


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