Turquoise Map

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Inlay Jewelry Treatment & Care

Exposing inlay jewelry to water or other chemicals may cause stones to fall out. Please do not wear your inlay jewelry while washing hands, doing dishes, swimming, bathing, etc. 

The most common damage problem to inlay jewelry items stems from penetration by water or other chemicals, which may adversely affect the epoxy bond between the stone and mounting. Since the epoxy is the only thing holding the stones securely in the mounting, failure of the epoxy bond will cause some, or all of the inlaid stones to fall out. Because each stone is epoxied to the next, the inlaid stones depend on the bond from stone-to-stone as well as their bond to the bottom and sides of the inlay channel. It is vital to the structure of the inlaid section that all pieces be intact and securely epoxied in the channel. 

Also - Bending inlay jewelry may cause stones to fall out. Curved earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. are especially prone to bending - Be Careful.