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Chantal Augustin, hails from Paris, France where her extensive knowledge of eclectic French knot-work and weaving techniques is combined with her love for the art of the nomadic cultures of the Americas and Asia to create her wonderfully rich and unique jewelry. Always on the hunt for new adventures and inspiration, Chantal is an avid traveler who has spent much time studying the weaving and macramé techniques of numerous indigenous cultures. Her artistic pieces are a mix of contemporary and exotic arts which she has studied throughout the world and incorporated into each design. Chantal utilizes silver, pearls, turquoise, lapis, opals and numerous other semi-precious stones, blending them with hand-dyed threads to weave a unique piece of art that is constantly evolving.

Chantal currently splits her time between France and Bali, Indonesia a small island in the Indonesian archipelago said to be “blessed by the Gods”. She works with a very diverse and creative team of Balinese artisans to create her one-of-a-kind pieces.


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